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Say Goodbye to Droopy Eyelids or Sagging Eyelids or Hooded Eyelids Forever With These Natural Remedies

Droopy eyelids or sagging eyelids or hooded eyelids all are the similar, these are the part of aging. We all have to go through aging as time passes by. Due to aging there are lots of changes occurs internally or externally, aging is the natural process and so we can’t prevent it but we can make the aging process slow by changing or daily habits, diet and more. 

Some of the changes done due to aging are wrinkles and sagging, droopy skin and more, all of these changes are really dreadful for most women. The first signs of aging start become visible around the eyes: first one is crow’s feet and second is the sagging eyelids. Here we will discuss about the sagging eyelids or droopy eyelids.  

Droopy eyelids can emerge because of a number of factors, aging is not only responsible for this type of skin change there are lots of internal and external factors that can trigger droopy eyelids. It could be inherited, source by stress and chronic migraines or sometime due to any kind of diseases can affect the skin around your eyes. Once your skin start losing its elasticity then you will see that eyelids start to sag and this will make your look older and tired. 

There are lots of options available to deal with this aging issue, many of the women selected Botox injections and surgery to restore their skin’s youthful appearance but these options are little expensive along with a lot of side effects. If you want to make your eyelids young but don’t go through any injection or surgery then don’t worry as you can easily deal with this situation by applying natural remedies. 

What are the causes of sagging eyelids?

There are lots of causes that may trigger droopy eyelids some of them are: normal cellular aging, diabetes, a stroke, Horner’s syndrome, brain tumor, or any other type of disorder that affects nerve or muscle function.

Home Remedies for Sagging Eyelids or Droopy Eyelids or Hooded Eyelids

Egg whites mask

egg white

This mask is very effective for droopy eyelids, you can easily make this ant-aging mask and get rid of droopy eyelids.  Take an egg break it and separate the white only. After collecting the white part, dip a cotton swab in the egg white and apply it on your eyelids. Once egg white become dry out, then you will feel tighten skin and sagging look disappear. Applying this face pack once in a week can have long-term effects and will restore the skin’s elasticity.



Cucumber is packed with lots of skin beneficial elements, make paste of cucumber and apply it on your face once a day, it will help your skin to become healthy, smooth and glowing. This will reduces swelling and inflammation. Cucumber is packed with caffeic and ascorbic acid which responsible to keep the skin tight and hydrated, preventing sagging eyelids.

Green Tea

How-to-Make-Green-TeaGreen tea is not only valuable for your health, it will also take care of outer skin. Green tea contains polyphenols that able to decrease inflammation and protects the skin from sun exposure. Taking Green tea on daily basis will keeps the skin looking firm and elastic.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea BagChamomile Teais same as the green tea, but you can drink chamomile tea and can also apply topically. Take a cotton pad and dip it in chamomile tea and apply it on your eyelids. Wait for 20 minutes and repeat when necessary. This tea will make your skin smooth and soft and will get rid of the swelling around your eyes.

Eye exercise

eye massage

Eye exercise is one of the best ways to lift eyelids and look your eyes area younger. By doing eye exercises you can easily deal with droopy eyelids, put your finger under the eyebrows and gradually lift it up. Stay your skin up tight for about 10 seconds and free. Repeat this exercise for 5 to 10 times every day, this easy exercise will take just a few minutes but it will give you amazing results.


Stay hydrated and get enough sleep

download (4)If your skin doesn’t get enough water supplies from body then it may generate lots of skin dieses, some of them are pimples, acne, droopy eyelids and more. So that it is very important to drink a lot of water and natural juices, it is also recommended to decrease the salt intake to keep your skin tight and firm.

Make sure that you are sleeping sufficiently; lack of sleep can make you look stressed and tired. According to experts it is suggested to sleep for at least 8 hours continually every night in order to protect your skin and look fresh.

Natural Product for Eyelidlift (About Eye Secret Eye Lid Lift)

In order to get rid of this eye dieses there is a best way available, a cosmetically option is now available through which you can safely shape of your eyelid strips without going through hectic surgery procedure. This alternative Eye Secrets cosmetic is very effective and you don’t have to go through any surgery, it is an 'instant eye-lift' which boost your puffy eyelids using light weight paste strips. This product is mainly aimed for women having excess skin around their upper eyelid.

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